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Submitted by techgasp on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 16:27
TechGasp Spam Master for Drupal

Spam Master for Drupal was born out of need to protect our website against constant malicious spam registrations, comments and contacts that affect the majority of websites.


Spam Master munches, feeds and grows on spam ip's, emails, domains and words. One of the top 5 world-wide, real-time spam databases. Watch the number below grow daily by the hundreds, Spam Master currently protects against:


Million Threats

Module Description

Spam Master protects Drupal based websites from millions of known spam emails, domains, ip's and words by blocking user registrations, comments, messages, contacts, feedbacks or threads. The module uses RBL technology (real time block lists), it provides a service software Saas.

Fast loading, Spam Master is modular… it only loads what is needed to keep your website secure and clean.

Spam Master provides statistics and logs all activity.

Spam Master blocks up to 100% spam bots with less than 0,1% false positives.


No Javascript or Ajax to keep your website fast and conflicts free.

Real Time Block Lists

Spam Master scans logins, registrations, comments and contacts via online real time block lists with millions of threats already listed and constantly being maintained and updated.

Website Firewall

With spam Firewall, Spam Master blocks malicious activity before it even reaches your website. By activating Spam Master Firewall your website automatically gets protected against dangerous exploits like HTTP and HTTPS DDoS (denial-of-service), SQL, brute force attacks and injections and many others that made it through the HTTP or HTTPS.

Spam Buffer

Buffer technology greatly reduces server resources like cpu, memory and bandwidth by doing fast local machine checks. Also prevents major attacks like flooding, DoS , etc. via Spam Master Firewall.

What is Spam Master Learning?

The module comes packed with automated Spam Learning function that will make your website a fighting spam enforcer by providing registration ip's and emails for analysis and spam lists inclusion.

What is Spam Master Alert Level?

It's an easy and interactive way for you to know if your website is being targeted by spammers and the level of intensity or danger of this targeting. The update is done daily and automatically via RBL (real-time blacklist) servers sync. The alert levels range from 0 (low) to 3 (high) intensities.

Spam Probability?

Spam Master includes Spam Activity Probability, in conjunction with Alert Level, Spam Master advanced detection heuristic analytics will provide you with an approximated percentage of all spam activity in your website.

Google reCaptcha V2

Spam Master includes google re-Captcha that uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site, it does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease. Spam Master google reCaptcha can be optionally and individually activated on login, registration, comment and contact pages.


Spam Master includes honeypot traps set to detect, deflect, and counteract attempts at unauthorized use of your website, a honeypot consists of data that appears to be a legitimate part of the site, but is actually isolated and monitored, and that seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers, who are then blocked, colloquially known as "baiting" a suspect. Spam Master honeypot traps can be optionally and individually activated on login, registration, comment and contact pages.

More features

  • Protects User Registrations (spamming bots, users or both)
  • Protects Comments from (spamming bots, users or both)
  • Protects Basic Pages and Articles from malicious trackbacks (spamming bots, users or both)
  • Spam Master checks for emails, domains, ip's and words
  • Uses real time scan from millions of known spamming sources
  • Includes Statistical information to keep your life easy
  • Spam Master Learning makes your Drupal an Anti-Spam enforcer by collecting data for analysis
  • Spam Master allows you to customise the frontend blocked registration message
  • Spam Master includes Firewall technology, blocking misfits before they even enter your website
  • Spam Master includes Signatures
  • Spam Master includes a brand new automatic Threat Alert Level
  • Spam Master includes Spam Activity Probability
  • Spam Master includes several optional email reports and warnings to keep you informed
  • Spam Master includes a bunch of blocks and content filters:
    • Spam Master Head's up block
    • Spam Master Firewall Status block
    • Spam Master Statistics block
    • Spam Master Total Threats Count block
    • Spam Master Total Threats Count content filter
  • Spam Master is Contact Form Ready. Uses pro-active scan of your email contact form before triggering any mail function
  • Spam Master is e-Commerce Ready. Eliminates all credit card fraud by preventing known sources of spam from registering
  • Spam Master is google reCaptcha ready
  • Spam Master is honeypot ready
  • Spam Master is PHP 7 ready
  • Spam Master is IPv6 ready


Install Spam Master module like any other drupal module.

  1. Download the archive into your /modules folder.
  2. Go to Extend admin page, select SPam Master Module and click Install new module.
  3. Go to Configuration admin page, under System section select Spam Master configuration.
  4. Pre-set module configuration is included, you can cange all settings here and press Save configuration.

Full RBL License

If you enjoy Spam Master you can get a full rbl license, it costs peanuts per year.

Drupal & Github Project Pages

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Spam Master 3 million threats database!

That's correct, Spam Master threats database reached 3 million and counting... it's time to celebrate!

Spam Master is one of the top 5 online spam, threats and exploits databases. The perfect time to launch our module for Drupal content management system.

Spam Master 3 million threats database